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The Year of the (Red) Rooster

In the past couple of years, despite the limitations all businesses faced, Red Rooster has continued to grow at a steady rate. Our loyal customer base and, unique identity as the premier home-grown Aussie fast food franchise business has given us the perfect jumping-off point.

From there, we’re moving forward, innovating and developing our brand into something new and special. With a focus on operational excellence, we’ve examined all elements of our franchise model to make our customers’ experiences top-notch.

And now we need more franchisees to come on the next leg of the journey with us.

Customer Experience

A focus on customer experience is at the heart of everything we do at Red Rooster. We know our customers. We listen to their feedback and then we consider their viewpoints in every decision we make.

That means our Franchise Partners can follow our customer-focused lead to make sure their food franchise businesses are successful from the get-go.

Outstanding Food

Red Rooster’s great-value food has been a staple of the Australian experience for 50 years. Now we’re taking our famous menu and building on it with innovative, trend-focused items, as well as tweaks to our traditional offerings.

Our goal is to make sure every Red Rooster customer can find something they know and love, as well as something new that excites them.

Leadership in Convenience

When it comes to convenience, Red Rooster is leading the pack – from home delivery to catering to click & collect.

Our customers have told us that they want options, so we’re working hard to give them every convenience we can think of. Food franchise businesses learned in 2020 that being able to adapt during trying times is vital. And we’re happy to say that adapting has brought us steady growth, thanks to our customer convenience innovations.

But we’re only getting started.

Network and Growth

We’re planning to open 40 new stores by 2025, which is where you come in. We’ve developed new menu items, a new store-look, and new technology and convenience like no other restaurant franchise in Australia.

What we don’t have yet though, is enough Franchise Partners to jump on board with us.

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Is Buying a Red Rooster the Right Choice for You?

Are you ambitious, business-minded and great with people? Do you have a passion for customer service? If so, you’re the perfect candidate to buy one of the best food franchises… Red Rooster.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I know which type of store is best for me?

    One of the best things about buying a Red Rooster franchise is that, within our iconic brand, you have a few options. A drive-thru store gives you the opportunity for large turnover, and it’s also a dynamic workplace that serves all sorts of customer needs at the same time. Meanwhile, our smaller shop front restaurants require a lower initial financial outlay, and although they’re still dynamic businesses, they have fewer elements to manage.

  • How much does a Red Rooster Cost?

    Newly built restaurants cost between $400,000 and $800,000 (plus GST) depending on the size, location and style.

    For this price, you not only get a restaurant and training, but also access to an established, successful brand. All the menu innovation, marketing and technical support you need is also there, along with an award-winning recipe for success.

  • Why should I buy a franchise, rather than starting an independent business?

    We can’t tell you what’s right for you, but we can pass on the feedback that our current franchisees have given us. They say that the day you open the door on your Red Rooster franchise, you have all the resources and knowledge you need to succeed.

    That means you won’t need to source suppliers, trial digital platforms or develop your menu items. Instead, you’ll begin with 45+ years of Red Rooster experience to guide you through. The truth is that a lot of independent small businesses fail. We want all of our franchisees to succeed, so we give them all the tools they need.

  • What qualifications do I need to own a Red Rooster store?

    To own a business in Australia, you need to be an Australian citizen or permanent resident. But the good news is that that’s the only hard-and-fast rule. If our team believes you have what it takes to run a Red Rooster, you can become a restaurant owner – no matter what your background is.

    We’re looking for particular traits, though: excellent customer service skills, leadership skills and a great mind for business are all essential. And if you love good chicken, that’s always a bonus.

    It’s a great idea to chat with current franchisees about what Red Rooster life is like as well. In fact, we recommend that all potential franchisees do their research before they take the plunge.

  • Who owns Red Rooster? Do they own any other restaurant brands?

    Our parent company is Craveable Brands, an Australian company that also owns Oporto and Chicken Treat. These three iconic, chicken-based restaurant brands each dominate their own corners of the Aussie food franchise world.

    This is partly due to the shared resources they can all access. Craveable Brands’ buying power is unparalleled, and our development and technology teams work together. That means we can reach for far more ambitious goals than any of the three brands could alone.