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August, 2021

What is a franchise vs a franchisee?

FAQs: August 13, 2021

What is a franchise? A Franchise is a trademarked business formula owned by a company (Franchisor) and is available to individuals to purchase the rights to operate a small business…

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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs: August 12, 2021

Here’s a run through of all the Frequently Asked Questions we get about being an Red Rooster franchisee. We hope you find them helpful! The Business What is a franchise?…

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Why is franchising a good business option?

FAQs: August 7, 2021

There are more than 1,000 franchise brands across Australia, with 90% of those brands originating right here on our shores. More than half of these franchise brands have been operating…

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Franchising in Australia: how do franchises work?

FAQs: August 6, 2021

The word franchise probably brings to mind many well-known businesses. No doubt, lots of them are in your local area or town. From retailers and hotels to restaurants and petrol…

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What to look for in a franchise: How to tell if it’s the right choice for you

FAQs: August 5, 2021

At some stage in their life, most people have dreamed of swapping the drudgery that comes with their 9 to 5 job for the freedom of running their very own…

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Explained: The Franchise Business Model in PowerPoint

FAQs: August 4, 2021

According to The Franchise Council of Australia, franchising is a $182 billion sector with over 80,000 franchised businesses. But every franchisor has a different franchise business model, so how do…

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Franchising 101: What is a franchise business?

FAQs: August 2, 2021

Australia’s franchising sector is big, and it’s only growing. According to the Franchise Council of Australia, franchising is a $182 billion industry.  There are around 1,160 different franchise systems across…

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Tips for starting a franchise business

FAQs: August 1, 2021

Are you thinking about starting your own business or buying a franchise? Operating a franchise can be a great way to get started in business but it’s important to do…

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