CEO Clint Ault on Red Rooster’s Transformation

Brand News: July 13, 2021

Red Rooster’s CEO, Clint Ault is determined to bring Red Rooster into the future.  

“Red Rooster is a really exciting brand to join right now. We’re going through a really amazing transformation. We’re taking a 50 year old brand and we’re going to give it a facelift. And we’re going to make some significant changes that are quite disruptive to the industry,” said Clint Ault. This is what Clint has to say about Red Rooster’s trajectory into the future…

The Strategy

The areas the team are most excited about developing are;

  1. Great menus.
  2. Upgrading all our assets and restaurants to make them look amazing.
  3. Making sure we have some of the best service in the industry.
  4. Enable customers to order however they please via great technology.

Menu Innovation

Menu innovation is really important to us. We’re a chicken brand so were going to celebrate chicken in all of its forms. We are currently really well known for roast chicken and that’s a really important part of who we are as a brand but we’re going to diversity – add things to our menu like: Great crispy fried chicken and terrific spicy wings and a whole lot of products that really celebrate chicken in all of its forms.

Store Look and Feel & Digital Innovation

We want to celebrate our brand colours – we want to see our stores being bright and vibrant with really cool tech that blends into the restaurant itself. It’s all about convenience and it’s all about options. We’re going to have things like Kurb-side Pickup…we’re going to improve the drive thru experience. We’ll have Click and Collect, at table service ordering, kiosks – and if you don’t want to use kiosks -you can use QR code ordering. We really want to provide a real omnichannel experience for all our consumers.

Empowering Our People

We’re a people business – it’s really important that our teams are ready to serve customers and we do that through providing them with great uniforms and equipping them with terrific training and really empowering them to find great moments to excite customers and deliver great food experiences.

Franchise Partnership

It’s fair to say that our Franchise Partners are excited about the changes were making in the brand and I can see that through all of the investments they’re making in their current assets as well as their support for the changes were making, which is sometimes more difficult than what we’ve done previously.

Our future’s about growth and we need great Franchisees that are really willing to invest in this brand. We provide great training, terrific support and really provide people with the know-how to run a small business and grow wealth.

First and foremost when I’m looking for a Franchise Partner, I’m looking for somebody that genuinely cares about people, whether those people are the team or the customers. I think it’s really difficult to be successful if you haven’t got that skill.

We’re really excited about the future of Red Rooster and we’re looking for great partners that want to come and join this journey.  So if anything sounded interesting please reach out, let’s have a chat.

“Red Rooster is an amazing brand and it’s had a great 50 years but we are super excited about where the next 50 might lead.” – Clint Ault