Crunchy Fried Chicken Has Driven Red Rooster to the top of the QSR Food Chain  

Brand News: October 21, 2021

Reds is currently the fastest growing brand in the top 6 QSR category. In 2020, Red Rooster introduced Crunchy Fried Chicken to the menu and the new offering has driven significant customer recruitment – outpacing category growth over the last 12 months.  Red Rooster has driven significant customer recruitment and increased the frequency of existing customers through the introduction of this new menu item, delivering 11% growth in FY2I which outpaced the category’s 5%.  This growth has continued into the first quarter of FY22 delivering +9% vs the category -0.3%. These results are thanks largely to its bespoke new crunchy fried chicken coupled with a refresh of the restaurant and overall customer experience. 

Going from strength to strength, the average sales per restaurant are the highest in the brand’s history due to the success of this product launch, together with refreshed brand positioning and an elevated customer experience – combining to bring in new customers for the first time and existing customer back for more occasions.

“We want to bring Red Rooster into the future…this includes diversifying the menu. We want to celebrate all things chicken.” Clint Ault. 

Red Rooster brought this impressive new product to the Aussie market in a BIG way – no other food provider had previously offered a crunchy fried chicken on this type of on a national scale. Crunchy Fried Chicken was a customer led innovation aimed at filling the gaps in a cluttered QSR category and to bring a unique and pure indulgent treat to market. Reds was already known for chicken, but mainly roast. The new product offered existing and new customers an opportunity to come to Reds for more treat occasions. 

An amazing amount of work was done in the 18 months it took to take the idea of fried chicken from concept development to national launch.  The process involved product development, supply of new equipment plus major physical and operational modifications to restaurant kitchens and training. The Product development team began the research into the new offering via comprehensive research trip to the USA where 10 days were spent trialling over 70 different fried chicken products and concepts. This was followed by extensive development work with supply partners and internal teams and culminated in a product offering a unique flavour and texture that is bespoke to Reds.  The overall strategy also resulted in a significant piece of franchise partner engagement.

To put it simply, the positive buzz and uplift for Red Rooster thanks to its crunchy fried chicken is unlike anything experienced in recent history of the brand. Reds’ Crunchy Fried Chicken product is made with 100% fresh Aussie chicken, prepared in restaurant daily, brined for between 12-36 hours, battered, coated and breaded by hand and then cooked fresh to order throughout the day. This enabled Reds to elevate the product and the customer’s overall experience and satisfaction. It comes as no surprise that people are referring to Red Rooster’s Crunchy Fried Chicken as a ‘gamechanger’ – it has well and truly taken Australian consumers by surprise! And for all the right reasons. 

To complement this sales growth, overall brand appeal for Reds has grown +3% whilst other brands in the category have experienced decline. This is evident in visible increases in reach, engagement and performance across all  media platforms as well as increased social & earned media opportunities  plus enormous amounts of user/customer generated fried chicken content.  The opportunities for Reds’ crunchy fried chicken are endless…


A box of Red Rooster's crunchy fried chicken

Red Rooster’s Crunchy Fried Chicken