Red Rooster’s new Hellfire burger is already a firm customer favourite

Brand News: April 3, 2019

It’s been less than a month since the official launch of Red Rooster’s new HELLFIRE BURGER range.  And one thing that has become evident is that it’s #ahellofaburger.

Aussies have taken to the new taste sensation for Red Rooster- with the brand finally adding heat and spice and a premium burger option to their menu.  This, the brand says, is the beginning of a new transformative era for Red Rooster.

Hellfire burger - on media.jpg

With a super soft potato bun, buttermilk coated chicken and three levels of chilli sauce, the Hellfire burger has been very well received by customers all over the country.

Early numbers suggest that the HOT Reaper Chilli burger is a customer favourite, with around half of all Hellfire burgers sold hitting the top of the heat scale.

Our customers prefer the double Hellfire burger AND so far, the three top selling Hellfire restaurants are all in Queensland.

The burger’s launch caused an absolute frenzy across Australian media channels- with the story covered across hundreds of media outlets and approximately 4.5million eyeballs taking in the news.

With such a promising start in restaurant, and a very successful launch, there’s no question –  the Red Rooster Hellfire is #ahellofaburger


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