Most Aussies like their chicken…

Brand News: October 10, 2019

It’s World Chicken Day…
and our research shows that
Most Aussies like their chicken roasted…

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Our survey showed that 66% of respondents like to eat their chicken roasted, followed by 18% who prefer fried chicken and 16% who like their chicken barbecued.

State of Origin

Queenslanders (the Maroons) are most likely to prefer roasted chicken but people from New South Wales (the Blues) are most likely to prefer their chicken barbecued.

Victorians prefer the chicken breast but people from New South Wales prefer thighs and wings

Victorians’ tastes are more in line with the cultural norms of the Western World, with the low fat, whiter meat of the chicken breast considered healthier by Western consumers, particularly in large developed markets like the United States.

In the US, chicken breast is retained for domestic consumption, but legs, thighs and wings tend to be exported to Asian markets, with many countries throughout Asia preferring the juicier, fattier, tastier and darker meat parts of the chicken.

This means chicken consumption habits in New South Wales are more in line with Asian countries (and other US agricultural export markets in Latin America and Europe) whereas Victoria is more in line with the conventional, contemporary Western palate.

Young, Western Australian men are the biggest breast lovers in the nation

The person most likely to enjoy tucking into a tender breast of chicken is a Western Australian male aged 18-29.

Women prefer to eat their chicken at home, men would rather eat out

More men (7%) reported buying their chicken at a fast-food restaurant than women (5%), meaning women are more likely to eat their chicken at home.

Most Australians prefer to eat their chicken at the dinner table

69% of survey participants prefer to eat their chicken at the dinner table with more men (72%) preferring to eat at the dinner table than women (65%).

This suggests that, regardless of where it’s bought, chicken is, more than ever, a favourite meal that brings family and friends together.

There is an increasing amount of scientific research that points out the health and psychological benefits of families and friends eating together10 so if chicken is helping bring groups of people together, then we are very happy about that.

In Chicken we trust… And you?

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