Red Rooster Delivers Safe Drivers

Brand News: November 29, 2018

In an Aussie QSR first, Red Rooster is making a commitment to driver and road safety. The new program, “Red Rooster Delivers Safe Drivers“, implements updated and bespoke training for its 700+ delivery drivers.

This is the first time an Australian QSR (quick service restaurant) has undertaken a safety initiative of this scale with its delivery drivers. Red Rooster is proud to be doing whatever it can to deliver safe drivers.

In collaboration with corporate driver training experts Driving Solutions, Red Rooster has developed a bespoke online training module, as well as a stable of additional assets such as videos, photos and promotional and instructional materials. These include intel and learnings obtained exclusively from a Red Rooster specific driver training session featuring actual delivery crew and Red Rooster delivery cars.

Red Rooster #AussieLegend Delivery Drivers attended the training module provided by Anthony Robson from Driving Solutions. Anthony showed how to “manage the risk every time they drive”:

Delivery Health and Safety eLearning program

Every delivery driver in the Red Rooster network across Australia is required to complete the new e-learning module as part of their ongoing crew training.

Topics incorporated in the module include:

  • wet weather driving,
  • dealing with distractions,
  • ABS braking skills,
  • condition of tyres plus driver attitude and
  • behaviour.

Red Rooster CEO, Nick Keenan has said:

“Above all else, at Red Rooster, we value our people. Certainly, as employer to over 8,000 staff, many of them just starting their working lives, we want to ensure that we give our people the guidance, support and training they need to be the best they can and above all, stay safe.

I am very proud of this safety initiative – Red Rooster Delivers Safe Drivers.  The initiative is an extension of our existing Delivery Health and Safety eLearning program. It aims to ensure that all our delivery drivers put the safety of themselves and the public above all else. Also it wants to equip them with the skills and tools to be responsible, effective and safe drivers.”