“The Rooster’s Calling” is Satisfying Australia’s Chicken Cravings.

Brand News: December 9, 2021

There’s no doubt Red Rooster is an Aussie icon. But as a part of our brand transformation strategy Reds set out to update the perceptions some of the public held about the brand. The goal? To have Australians submit to their Rooster Within. The method? A new long-term campaign to coax Australians to listen their inner cravings.

In 2020, Reds established a new consumer facing platform, anchored in craveability, with the tagline “The Rooster’s Calling”. But this was more than a tagline. It was a call for Australians to take a fresh look at Red Rooster and listen to their inner voice of temptation. The brand platform was born from a revised singe-minded brand purpose – to satisfy Australia’s chicken cravings. Cue a new lead communications feature; The Rooster Within, a quirky fun character who pops up at all the right impulse moments – who is chicken obsessed and more importantly, Red Rooster obsessed.. And every time he appears, he is driving the brand and the product – doing twice the work in an efficient and impactful way.

Research has shown that having a consistent visual asset is a key driver for building branded attention. But Reds tweaked the recipe so that it also drove desire for the product. This has had a huge impact on brand perception. In social media, Reds has seen its strongest ever performance with ad recall rates outperforming industry benchmark rates by up to 300%.

The campaign was led by the introduction of a high quality crunchy fried chicken product to the core menu and supported by a strong program of product innovation. The product and campaign combined to make quite an impact. In the past six months, Reds was the only QSR to improve its brand appeal despite having lower investment levels than big budget competitors. Already they have achieved a 15% uplift in sales overall.

Since launching the brand platform Reds has experienced a positive spend growth +11.8%. These strong business results have come from an increase in average ticket and increased frequency of consumer visits. Budget targets were also exceeded by +16.5% and the delivery channel grew by +40%.

The Rooster’s Calling platform is delivering real change for the brand and results for the business and has helped centralise all business stakeholders to base their decisions off whether said decision will help us live our purpose…to satisfy Australia’s chicken cravings.