The Women of Red Rooster: Glendon Holzwart

Brand News: January 16, 2023

Meet Glendon Holzwart. She’s a committed, passionate and, in her words, a stubborn businesswoman.

Craveable Brands, Women in Franchising. Photo by Sarah Keayes/The Photo Pitch

Glendon had a unique start to her career. She worked as a jillaroo in the Northern Territory. Mustering cattle on horseback and driving tractors, it was an exciting life. 

After having kids, Glendon settled down and became a daytime cashier Red Rooster. Using her smarts learned on the farm, she quickly rose into management. Then the opportunity came up to buy the Stanthorpe Red Rooster store. “I jumped at the opportunity,” Glendon shares. “Eight years later, we purchased four more stores in Brisbane.” 

With over 20 years of experience as a business owner, Glendon admits being a businesswoman today is the best it’s ever been. “It is much easier being a woman in business than it was 20 years ago,” says Glendon.

“There’s much more acceptance and resources available, and the team at Red Rooster has always been supportive. There are still challenges that don’t affect men as much as women. Balancing a family home life and children’s needs can be difficult. A business owner’s mother’s guilt is very real. It requires support, planning and good communication. Luckily, being in charge of rosters, I can schedule myself around the kids’ activities!”  

Glendon is passionate about supporting other women into leadership roles within her business. “We always encourage progression. We provide training and certifications of our leaders who the majority of, are women!” explains Glendon. “Women need the confidence to attempt a new opportunity. If we can give them that, along with guidance, encouragement and support, they will succeed!” 

Glendon believes that the way to get the most out of her team is to foster a family feel throughout the business. “A good leader needs to be empathetic, supportive and a great listener. I want everyone to feel valued, and make sure they have a chance of progression,” she says. Her technique has worked wonders throughout  her businesses, and she’s proud of the positive culture her businesses have today.

“Our success comes from a strong, stable management team and great culture,” she says. “We work alongside our people, lending a hand to every task in the store. I’m never afraid to get my hands dirty.”