Red Rooster Franchise Partner in NSW – Meet Trevor Hartshorne

Our People News: May 6, 2019

A high-flying franchisee success story

You could call Trevor Hartshorne a clever jack of all trades. Over the years Trevor has worked in fields as diverse as real estate, travel, IT and accounting.

Introducing Trevor Hartshorne – Red Rooster Franchise Partner in Lake Haven, NSW

He even found time somewhere along the way to train as a qualified pilot. However, it’s his role as franchisee owner of Red Rooster in Lake Haven, NSW, that’s been one of his most rewarding ventures to date. In just three years Trevor has doubled the size of the business and says there’s a lot more potential for future growth.

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He shares his interesting background with us and the secrets of his success.


Trevor do you have a background in the QSR industry?

Actually, no I don’t. I had just returned from 12 years living in Bangkok, Thailand, in 2014 and was looking for a business venture when this franchisee opportunity came up. Red Rooster was in the midst of turning around the business and making some significant positive changes so I saw a huge potential to join the company as a franchisee running my own store in Lake Haven.


So what did you do before then?

What haven’t I done! I’ve worked in a number of different industries over the years. I started off in real estate, then I had two travel agencies and after that I ran a chain of coffee shops in Bangkok. I ended up staying overseas for quite a long time as that’s where I met my current partner. I also worked in IT and accounting for international companies and travel agencies whilst in Bangkok – I’ve always had a few different jobs going at any one time. Oh, and I’m also a qualified pilot!


resilient | persistent | innovative


You’ve certainly had an incredibly varied career and life! What has working as a franchisee specifically taught you?

That you really need to understand and work with the many resources available to you so you can make full use of them. That’s what helps your own business to become successful. There is a lot of great support available for us as franchisees, and if you show commitment, then things will go well.


What’s been your most satisfying moment in the business to date?

I think the fact that we’ve almost doubled the size of the business in the last three years. The delivery system was a big contributor to our growth. We’ve also put in a lot of personal effort into growing the business which has all been worthwhile.


 resilient | persistent | innovative


You’ve had such an interesting business career – what’s been the best lessons you’ve learnt from business mentors?

I’ve had several different mentors over the years in different industries, and they’ve all taught me to expect the unexpected when working in business. I think one of the biggest lessons as a boss is to be present and work well in a team. At Red Rooster I am part of the crew and put effort into maintaining a good quality crew. That requires ongoing training and monitoring so that’s a major daily challenge for any franchisee owner and their staff. Another good lesson is don’t be afraid to use other people’s ideas and adapt them for yourself – that’s part of being innovative.


What’s your favourite item on the menu?

The gooey chocolate cake which has just been introduced – it’s really good. And thinking of the classics, our roasted chicken always has been and always will be delicious!

How do you see Red Rooster’s business growing in the next five years?

There is a lot of unpacked potential with the brand. Red Rooster is a respected brand with years of presence in the market and yet it’s still popular today. I’m looking forward to growing with the company in the years to come.


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