Meet Brad Strydom – Red Rooster State Manager for NSW & ACT (and an exciting job opportunity!)

Our People News: July 23, 2019

Brad Strydom is State Manager for NSW & ACT. Brad, along with his dynamic team of five Business Consultants, provides support, guidance and business advice to our 70+ restaurant businesses in NSW & ACT.

The great news are that as business is booming, Brad is looking for team member No. 7 to take on the dynamic role of Operations Coordinator based in the Chatswood Restaurant Support Centre which is home to 140 awesome people!

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Red Rooster is looking for a State Operations Coordinator for NSW/ACT

Brad and the team: Jaque Neil, Mark Huntington, John Murphy, Emma Wilkinson and Janette Nagy.

So… who is Brad?

Brad is an inspirational leader who bring to the team the passion, dedication and a wealth of experience that has seen him live and work in three countries. He’s an adventurer who is always on the lookout for a challenge, his current bucket list consists of…

  • Visit Antarctica,
  • Learn to surf, and
  • Watch the Springboks play the All Blacks in New Zealand.

How is a day in Brad’s life?

Crazy busy, but lots of fun as well! We spend a lot of time working with Franchise Partners and ironing out some challenges they come across, but we always leave a little space in the tank to have a bit of a laugh through the day.


How would you define yourself as Manager?

I’m not really a fan of the word “Manager” as I believe people don’t need managing but rather leadership and guidance. My style is one of trusting team members that they will get the job done on the proviso that I provide the correct expectations and direction.


Your team is…

…such an awesome bunch! Jaque, Janette, John, Emma and Mark… they all have loads of experience in the Industry and each of them bring a different skillset to the team. In total, we are currently a tight knit team of 6 however are obviously looking to add a lucky no. 7!


What are the main characteristics you look for when recruiting for your team?

I am a believer that anyone can always be taught a skill, so I generally look for someone who can bring passion to the workplace. We spend quite a large chunk of our lives at work, so it is important that we love what we do and enjoy the people we work with.

About you and Red Rooster

Quick one – Rippa roll OR Bacon & Cheese Rippa? Hellfire burger OR Parmi burger?

Haha, let’s go for a Rippa Roll and Hellfire, please!

What inspired you to join Red Rooster?

The brand is a home-grown Australian brand which has the potential to take some of the International players head on. This coupled with a really cool, high performing team made it an easy decision to take!


What makes Red Rooster special compare working for any other company?

The people we work with, from day to day from the Support Centre to the Franchise Partners and to Suppliers. We deal with so many individuals and personalities that make each day different and great.


Where do you see Red Rooster in the next 5 years?

I see Red Rooster as a contemporary brand which has stood the test of time and which is highly relevant to the Australian market. It is driven by great people and dynamic leaders so I predict a bright future ahead of us!




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