Head of Supply Chain – Meet Brett Shephard

Our People News: November 12, 2018


To keep a major supply chain going in a QSR business is a big deal.  You need to be able to think fast on your feet, remain calm under pressure and come up with effective solutions.

Brett-Shepard Red Rooster Head of Supply Chain

Brett Shephard – Head of Supply Chain

Lucky that these are things that Craveable Brands* Head of Supply Chain Brett Shephard is renowned for. If a freak cyclone, flood or other disaster strikes, Brett is still committed to making sure stock somehow finds its way to Craveable Brands stores, so franchisees and customers can breathe easy. And no-one goes hungry.

With previous experience as a Supply Chain Manager for Yum!’s Pizza Hut and KFC, Brett’s industry knowledge and ability to deliver under pressure makes him an invaluable asset to the team.

“I always see the franchisees as being my own customers – they rely on us delivering stock such as produce, packaging, sauces and bread,” says Brett, who holds a Masters in Management degree. “They can’t operate without it, so I have a real duty of care towards them. My team also negotiates prices on their behalf, monitors levels and ensures everything is working smoothly in the chain.”

One of the areas Brett is most proud of is Craveable Brands’ commitment to providing the freshest produce possible. In metro area Red Rooster and Chicken Treat stores, fresh chicken is delivered six days a week from supplier Baiada Steggles, slightly less in some regional areas. New South Wales supplier Summertime Chicken does the same for Oporto. Fresh vegetables are also delivered three times a week. That’s a lot of deliveries.  A lot of produce!  Moving fresh produce around such a large country is challenging and my team work tirelessly to make this happen.


Having only joined the business 18 months ago, the devoted father of three and weekend basketball coach quickly scored a major achievement in helping put together a successful national tender for one of the business’s food categories.

“This has enormous potential to deliver big results for franchisees, so I’m very proud of what my team have accomplished,” he says. “To get positive feedback from our franchise partners is just so rewarding.”

Helping Red Rooster’s franchisees

Brett’s first job was as a 15-year-old kitchen hand at KFC adding, “It was the 80s and I had a terrible eighties hair cut! Plus, there were no hair nets back then! Ugh!” He stayed with the brand until the age of 26 when he and his pregnant wife decided to open their own business Global Corporate Merchandise.

“I look back on that now and think, wow that was a really crazy thing to do. We had very little savings and put everything into it. Failure wasn’t an option – failing meant not feeding my family! However, it gave me a lot of resilience and drive – that’s actually where I get my passion for helping small businesses from” Happily, Brett’s business, (now mainly run by Brett’s wife) is still going strong 19 years later.

Meanwhile Brett is loving his role in the Craveable supply chain and says he will continue to do his utmost for franchisees.  “Our franchisees rely on us, and it’s so important we get everything right for them as their livelihood is at stake. For me to get the right products to them at the right price and delivered on time,  helps them grow and if they do that, then the company overall will continue to be successful.”


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* Craveable Brands is the owner operator of Red Rooster, Oporto and Chicken Treat