Team Red Rooster pitching in to help destination outback

Our People News: August 10, 2018

Red Rooster franchisee David Lomax and his two mates John and Tony set off on the Destination Outback 2018 4WD trek in August.  They are raising and taking much needed funds to some of the most remote communities in rural and outback  Australia.

This is a major fundraiser for the Rotary Club that franchise partners David and Sue Lomax have served for many years. David and his 4WD team will be on the road for about a week along with around 40 other 4WDs. Visiting drought affected areas and meeting so many characters along the way, this is an adventure that both David and Sue have done before.

Red Rooster are so proud of the Lomaxes – we have pitched in to their fundraising efforts this year and look forward to following their adventures on the trek. 46 vehicles with 128 people including 21 ladies and 46 newbies. Thousands of kilometres covered with all monies raised going to rural communities. The final amount raised will be divided between Royal Far West, Pink Angles, and the Black Dog Ride.

Red Rooster were proud sponsors too! Check out all the kids from the School of Distance Education in Longreach wearing their Red Rooster sunnies! Some of these student travel more than 800km to get an education! Red Rooster were so proud to have sponsored the school and the day!