Our People News: February 23, 2023

Meet Emma Wilkinson. She is a positive, calm and fair business woman.

Red Rooster has been part of Emma’s life since she first joined the workforce in 2005. Signing on as a crew member, she found her feet learning all aspects of the role. Within five years, Emma worked her way up the ranks, transitioning from assistant manager, restaurant manager and area manager. 

Six years later, Emma became an operations consultant for Red Rooster. It was an eye-opening experience that led her to buy her own Red Rooster franchise in Lurnea NSW, in 2019. Having worked for Reds for over 17 years, Emma could see a bright future with the brand.  

“I had great support from the people around me in Red Rooster. They helped me build confidence to want to continually grow within the company,” Emma says. “When the opportunity to purchase a franchise popped up, I thought it was time for my next challenge. With the knowledge and experience behind me, becoming a Franchisee was an ideal fit.”

As a mum, becoming a Red Rooster Franchise Partner has been life-changing. It’s given her unparalleled freedom to spend time with her kids and run her own business. 

She admits it took time for her to find a rhythm between her dedication to work and her personal well-being. “For me the biggest challenge was finding the right work-life balance. Learning how to manage time effectively will always be an ongoing challenge but something I am much more mindful of,” she says.

Over time, Emma began to see the benefits the position had on her daily life. “It has allowed me and my family to have a good work-life balance,” she says. “I have the flexibility to enjoy events and adventures with my family and friends.”

With business thriving, Emma sees expansion in her future. “I definitely have plans to buy more stores but I want to wait until my children are older so I can enjoy them while they’re young!”

Emma’s advice for other women inspired to step into leadership positions is simple: “Have a good knowledge and passion for what you do, and don’t forget to have some fun along the way.”