The Women of Red Rooster: Jenny Iannetta

Our People News: March 16, 2023

Jenny Iannetta is a dedicated, hard-working and caring business owner.

Craveable Brands, Women in Franchising. Photo by Sarah Keayes/The Photo Pitch

Jenny has worked in a multitude of jobs during her career, including beauty wholesaling and even at the lottery office. Three years ago, the opportunity arose for Jenny and her husband to buy their first Red Rooster store.

“My husband has been with Red Rooster for over 35 years,” she says. “When the opportunity came up to become franchise owners, we jumped at the chance.”

Jenny calls herself a jack of all trades who is always willing to learn and grow as a business owner. She grew up watching her mother run her own business. As the biggest inspiration in her life, Jenny wanted to follow in her footsteps. Now, after immense success in only three years, she’s looking at expansion.

Passionate about her work, Jenny also advocates for maintaining work-life balance. “I recognise when I need to work hard, and when I need a break,” she says. “I love to go ten-pin bowling, read and watch movies with my family,” shares Jenny.  “But I enjoy my family time just as much as my work time.”

Over the years, Jenny has focused on developing her leadership skills. Now, as a confident leader, she believes that governing a team isn’t only about being the boss. “To me, leadership means showing your team that you too can do the dirty work when needed,” she says. “It means showing your passion and bringing your team along for the ride. It also means prioritising communication so the team understands and develops too.”

Supporting women in business has always been important to Jenny. Women have a natural knack for influencing and inspiring others, she believes. “Women aren’t afraid to show their emotions and lead with their nurturing side,” she explains. “Sometimes a hug or a different level of communication can be beneficial.”

For those thinking about becoming a business owner, Jenny has two pieces of sage advice: “Never be afraid to learn. And always listen and encourage your team. They’re the heart and soul of the business.”