The Women of Red Rooster: Vanessa Deeb

Our People News: November 25, 2022


Meet Vanessa Deeb; a humble, honest and driven business woman.

Vanessa got her start working as a cashier at Red Rooster when she was only 16 years old. With the support of her management team and colleagues, she was able to rise through the ranks and purchased her very own Red Rooster restaurant within eight years. 

It was a full-circle moment for Vanessa. “I chose to become a Red Rooster Franchise Partner because they believed in me when no one else did,” says Vanessa. “I started with the brand when I was quite young and they have been my biggest supporters right from the start.”

Vanessa’s years of experience within the Red Rooster franchise helped her embody a hands-on leadership style. She relishes in the opportunity to lead by example and inspire a sense of passion within her team. “I’m an owner that isn’t afraid to get stuck in and help my staff when they need it most,” she shares. “As a leader, I am patient, logical, dedicated and resilient.” 

Vanessa’s business is flourishing today.  But it’s taken a lot of patience and understanding along the way. “I am constantly aiming and striving to be better,” says Vanessa. “I am my biggest critic and I have to remember to take it easy on myself sometimes. Nothing happens overnight but if you’re consistent, you’ll reach success.”

As a strong businesswoman, Vanessa has experienced first-hand the challenges that women in leadership often face. “It’s often a male-dominated space and it can be hard to feel heard,” she says. “But with the right support, anything is possible.” 

Owning her own business has been life-changing for Vanessa. It has enabled her to find a healthy work-life balance, and spend quality time with her friends and family. While she admits that she’s made some mistakes along the way, she says she’s stronger for them. “Mistakes are only learning lessons,” she says. “Owning a business may be overwhelming but if you believe you can do it, you will.

Her advice for other women interested in becoming business owners. “Do it!” she exclaims. “Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t. And even if they do, prove them wrong!”