Franchising industry in Australia and the future of Craveable Brands – Meet Brett Houldin, Group CEO

Video Interviews: June 6, 2019

Over 1,200 franchisors and about 80,000 franchises all around Australia. It all comes to about 1.5 billion australian dollars worth of sales on a per annum basis, and increasing.

Franchising Industry is big and dynamic, but above all it is real – and that was the reason why Brett Houldin, Craveable Brands CEO, decided to lead the group. A lot of small businesses working under an umbrella which is very consistent and therefore can deliver a great experience for customers.

Craveable Brands owns and operates Oporto, Red Rooster and Chicken Treat, here Brett Houldin, talks franchise industry and future plans for the brands:

Future of Craveable Brands

We have a great momentum across our group with three years of above market growth and sales, and that set us and our franchisees up for some very successful years in sales growth but also profitability growth.



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