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Red Rooster in Brisbane

In the laid-back lifestyle of the Sunshine State capital, Red Rooster is right at home. Our values of pride, passion and care resonate with the free-living foodies of Brisbane. That’s why our iconic brand is a staple of the booming food culture, and our story is only just beginning.

Red Rooster – proudly Australian

We may have grown, but some things about our brand will never change. We’ll never compromise on taste, quality or value, and we’ll always be here to satisfy Australia’s chicken cravings.

In the next exciting chapter of our expansion, we welcome interested, entrepreneurial people to join us on our journey. We have Red Rooster restaurants for sale in Brisbane that are just waiting for passionate, dedicated franchise partners to make their mark.

The good news is that, despite having almost five decades behind us, we know the best for our brand is yet to come.

Our humble beginnings lie in the suburbs of Perth, back in 1972. Since then, we’ve grown from a single restaurant founded by a man with a vision to now encompass more than 360 restaurants around the country.

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Brisbane, Basking in the Sunshine

The relaxed vibes and sunshine aplenty make Brisbane a youthful paradise of warm winter days and balmy summer nights. The only thing hotter is a fresh, juicy Red Rooster roast chicken.

Enjoying hot chips and gravy on the Brisbane River banks or picking up a roast chicken dinner after a long day at the Ekka are as quintessentially Brisbane as the Storey Bridge. Brisbane has claimed us as her own, and we’re here for her.

From the Perth suburbs to a growing population in Brisbane, Red Rooster is the chicken dinner of choice. We’re humbly grounded in our roots of customer service, and unapologetically committed to innovating for the future.
And no one cooks a roast chicken like Red Rooster.

Today, we’re changing to meet the demands of the future in one of the biggest brand make-overs Australia has ever seen. Our future is bright.

There’s never been a better time to check out our restaurants for sale in Brisbane.

Join us for more sunny days ahead!

Our Brisbane Red Rooster Restaurant Locations

    Why Brisbane loves Red Rooster so much

    At Red Rooster we’re down-to-earth, and we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We just focus on providing delicious food with exceptional customer service. That’s enough to resonate with the easy-going Brisbane nature.

    Our snacks and meals are part of the Australian culture. They’re reliable menu items that you can pick up on the way home from a long day at work, or as your go-to when you’ve got a crowd to feed.

    Right across Queensland and beyond, there’s always a Red Rooster franchise nearby ready to satisfy your chicken cravings.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Why should I consider buying a franchise in Brisbane?

      It’s not just our proven track record that makes becoming a Red Rooster franchise partner such an exciting proposition. It’s our plans for the future.

      Our footprint is growing – not just in Brisbane, but also all over Australia. Keeping up with demand is a nice problem to have.

      We have big plans for our transformation too. So if you’re looking for a food franchise for sale in Brisbane, Red Rooster is an exciting bet.

    • What's the business competition like in Brisbane?

      Brisbane is growing at a steady rate, and we want to match that growth with new restaurants. So the forecast is promising.

      And Red Rooster brings a unique selling point to the table. The franchise market is flooded with international players, but we’re Australian-grown. We deeply understand the Australian culture, and we deliver options designed for the Aussie palate.

      Add that to the digital innovations we’ve invested in to enhance our ordering experience, and Red Rooster is modern convenience made for Australia.

    • What ROI can I expect from a Brisbane franchise?

      Prospective franchise partners consistently ask us this question – and it’s a smart thing to want to know. However, just like any other franchisor in Australia, we must follow a code of conduct that prevents us from sharing specific financial figures with you.

      In order for us to talk financial details, you’ll need to apply to become a franchise partner and by law you need to complete a confidentiality agreement – then we are good to go!

      Throughout the buying process, we also recommend seeking independent advice about your own position. And if you’re considering buying an existing store, you can speak directly with the current owner to get their relevant financial information.

      As a franchisor, we don’t make promises. Instead, we offer the backing of our parent company, Craveable Brands and Red Rooster. The network, innovation, support and experience that we bring to the table are second to none.

    • How much does a Brisbane Red Rooster franchise cost?

      If you’re buying an existing Red Rooster restaurant in Brisbane, the current franchise partner will name the price based on performance.

      Alternatively, a new franchise costs between $400,000 and $800,000 (plus GST), depending on its size, its location, and whether it’s a storefront or drive-thru restaurant.

      In both cases – buying a new or an existing franchise – you’ll also need to pay additional fees for franchising, training and admin on top of that.

      For a detailed breakdown of costs, read How much money do I need to buy a franchise?

    • Can I buy more than one Brisbane Red Rooster restaurant?

      We love passionate franchise partners who thoroughly embrace the Red Rooster brand and the opportunities we provide. Having said that, we only allow franchise partners to buy one franchise at a time.

      That’s because we recommend that franchise partners work in their restaurants to really learn the ropes. This always creates the best results. Then, once you’ve got your first Red Rooster restaurant up and running successfully, we can work together to look at new opportunities for you to grow.

    • Can I pick a location in Brisbane to develop a franchise?

      We don’t require you to source your own location to become a franchise partner – but if you have a perfect spot in mind, let us know.

      Our experienced property team can assess the site for you. If it’s suitable, they’ll completely take care of the negotiations on your behalf.

    • What is Red Rooster’s strategy for growth in Brisbane, and how will I be part of it?

      Our strategy is a bold one. It is based on innovation and building upon our recent growth.

      Our current rebranding exercise is like nothing Australia’s ever seen before for quick service restaurants. We’re completely overhauling our digital offering and rolling out a diverse selection of online ordering, home delivery and customer loyalty programs. Our customers will also enjoy a bunch of new menu items, as well as an expansion of our catering and click-and-collect options.

      And as a franchise partner with us, you’ll be at the forefront of our new brand. You’ll have support from our head office to drive the changing face of Red Rooster forward.

    • Why does Red Rooster’s business model work so well in Brisbane?

      Quick service restaurants like Red Rooster are ideally suited to the laid-back culture in Brisbane. We’ve carved a niche of classic Australian flavours combined with exceptional customer service, and it works.

      We’ve spent more than four decades in the industry, and now we’re proud to be shaping its future.

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