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Red Rooster in Canberra

Red Rooster’s footprint in Canberra is growing. We’ve established our brand, and now we’re capitalising on it to create a ripple effect of tender roast chicken that’s served with a smile.

Red Rooster – a household name

At Red Rooster, we’re home-grown and proud of it. Over almost five decades, we’ve become a household name that’s synonymous with flavoursome, delicious food.

From humble beginnings, we pioneered the roast chicken dinner takeaway. And along the way, we’ve given countless Australians just like you the chance to own a slice of the chook.

The Red Rooster story began in Perth in 1972. Back then, a young Peter Kailis combined his strong work ethic and passion to succeed with a simple idea to serve good food with a smile.

We’ve grown significantly since Peter first brought his spark of an idea to life. You’ll now find more than 360 Red Rooster restaurants around Australia. But some things haven’t changed. Pride, passion and care are still our defining characteristics, and our food consistently delivers on our taste, quality and value promise.

Alongside our diverse group of talented franchise partners, we’ve forged our own path to become a leading quick service restaurant brand. And ‘leading’ is where we intend to stay.

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Canberra, the Heart of our Nation

Canberra is more than just politicians and public servants. It’s a young city with a hip vibe. Canberrans are a social bunch who love their food.

Red Rooster is a taste of home for out-of-towners who’ve relocated to the capital. The familiar aroma of our juicy roast chickens transports them back to Sunday chicken dinners around their childhood kitchen table.
Our brand is iconic. Our chickens are loved. And that means business has never been better.

We have a small but expanding footprint in Canberra. With only three Red Rooster restaurants in the Canberra region currently, franchise opportunities are ripe for the picking.

Due to our phenomenal growth and bold plans for the future, we’re undertaking one of the biggest brand make-overs ever seen in our history. We’re also introducing an updated menu, digital innovations and customer experiences to blow your socks off.

In short: we’re taking our iconic brand to the next level, and you have the chance to be part of it. We have franchises for sale in Canberra to help us grow the next exciting chapter of the Red Rooster business.

Canberra, the Rooster’s calling!

Our Canberra Red Rooster Restaurant Locations

    Why Canberra loves Red Rooster so much

    From tasty snacks to hearty meals, Red Rooster’s simple purpose is to satisfy Australia’s chicken cravings.

    Our food fills the gap. It’s hearty tucker that’s good for the soul. It’s no-fuss, flavour-guaranteed, value-packed, fresh, juicy and damn delicious. What’s not to love?

    Whether you’ve had a long day in the office, you need to get the kids’ dinner on the table in a hurry or you’re on a business trip and want a familiar meal, Red Rooster is there.

    We’re the antidote to cold Canberra winters and the go-to for Floriade spring picnics. Canberra loves Red Rooster, and the feeling is mutual.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Why should I consider buying a franchise in Canberra?

      Canberra is a growth market for Red Rooster. We have a small, established footprint of restaurants there already, and we know that there’s room for more.

      There’s a demand for quality quick service restaurants in the region, which means the opportunity for growth and powerful possibilities for franchise partners.

      If you’re looking for a restaurant for sale in Canberra, Red Rooster is ready for you.

    • What's the business competition like in Canberra?

      The market is showing good signs of growth. There’s room to expand, and that’s our plan.

      In a market that’s saturated with international options, Red Rooster leans on our homegrown appeal. We understand the Australian market in a way the internationals can’t. This is where we were born and bred. We’ve helped to define the Australian quick service restaurant market, and we’ll continue to do so.

    • What ROI can I expect from a Canberra franchise?

      We know this is a question most people want answered before they proceed with a franchise application. Unfortunately, government regulations stipulate that we can’t share any financials with you until you sign a confidentiality agreement.

      All Australian franchisors are bound by a code of conduct that – among other things – limits the financial data they can provide upfront.

      Financials aside though, becoming a Red Rooster franchise partner gets you not only the strength of our iconic brand, but also the support of our parent company, Craveable Brands. The innovation, experience and network they bring are truly unrivalled here in Australia.

    • How much does a Canberra Red Rooster franchise cost?

      To start a new food court, storefront or drive-thru restaurant from scratch, the costs range from $400,00 to $800,000 (plus GST). Or, if you’d prefer to buy an existing Red Rooster restaurant, the current franchise partner will name the price.

      When purchasing an existing restaurant, you’ll then need to pay some additional fees for training and admin on top of your purchase price, however when buying a new site it is an all inclusive fee

      For a detailed breakdown of costs, read How much money do I need to buy a franchise?

    • Can I buy more than one Canberra Red Rooster restaurant?

      Some of our most successful franchise partners go on to purchase multiple Red Rooster franchises. However, those franchise partners will tell you that you’re best to start with one restaurant to learn the ropes, and then look at expanding.

      We also consistently see better results when franchise partners work in their restaurants, so we recommend starting there and building on up!

    • Can I pick a location in Canberra to develop a franchise?

      We don’t require you to source your own location to become a franchise partner – but if you have a perfect spot in mind, let us know.

      Our experienced property team can assess the site for you. If it’s suitable, they’ll completely take care of the negotiations on your behalf.

    • Can I pick a location in Canberra to develop a franchise?

      Yes, of course! You don’t need to find your own site to become a Red Rooster franchise partner, as we do have restaurants for sale in Canberra. We’re always open to new ideas though!

      Once you tell us the location you’re thinking of, our Property Team will step in to help determine whether it’s feasible as a Red Rooster restaurant. They can also help with lease negotiations and other business conversations to support you on the entire journey.

    • What is Red Rooster’s strategy for growth in Canberra, and how will I be part of it?

      Exciting things are happening at Red Rooster. Australian food franchises have never seen anything like what we’re currently bringing to life.

      We’re stepping into the digital age, with online ordering, home delivery and customer loyalty programs all on the cards. Our menu is also getting an upgrade, and we’re expanding our catering and click-and-collect options.

      As a Red Rooster franchise partner, you’ll be an ambassador for our brand. You’ll benefit from our huge rebranding, so you can walk confidently into franchise ownership with one of Australia’s most iconic food brands.

    • Why does Red Rooster’s business model work so well in Canberra?

      Canberra is different to any other city in Australia. It’s small, yet diverse. It has the feel of a country town wrapped in a cosmopolitan exterior. The food market is fresh and young, and Red Rooster is a unique market offering – a homegrown hero serving up food that makes people smile.

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