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Red Rooster in Melbourne

When you think of food culture in Australia, Melbourne’s where it’s at. And Red Rooster is embedded in the laneways of Melbourne as a pioneer in the quick service restaurant niche. Melburnians know their food… and Red Rooster is on their menus!

Red Rooster – defining Australian quick service food culture

In a market that’s saturated with international franchise brands, we’re confident that Red Rooster has played a leading role in shaping Australia’s quick service food industry.

Australians love their chicken, and we’ve mastered the art of cooking chooks to perfection. Roast chicken is the staple of our menu, and it lands on thousands of dinner tables around the country each and every day.

In fact, we’ve defined Australian chicken meal flavours for almost five decades. And over that time, we’ve brought entirely new elements of quick service dining to our hungry customers.

The future is bright for Red Rooster and our franchise partners. We’re an Aussie business success story with humble beginnings.

Today, we’re transforming the Red Rooster brand, continuing our growth and going from strength to strength. Passionate, committed franchise partners can now take their pick of Red Rooster restaurants for sale in Melbourne to join us on the next exciting chapter of our story.

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Melbourne, the Foodie Capital

Melbourne is synonymous with good food. Whether it’s beachside at Brighton or in the hustle and bustle of the beautiful Melbourne CBD, the food culture here is one of the best in the world.

Melburnians simply won’t tolerate second best. That’s why Red Rooster has become such a feature of the Melbourne suburbs. You’re never more than a quick tram ride away from a Red Rooster in the Victorian capital, and we’re on a mission to bring more of our restaurants to the city and regional areas of Victoria.

There’s a nostalgia that surrounds our iconic brand. Although Red Rooster was born in the Perth suburbs, Melbourne adopted us early – embracing us with open arms. And now, the smell of cooking chickens and the taste of our famous chicken salt brings happy memories bubbling back for many a Melburnian.

We’re proud of our history, but it’s our future that really excites us. That’s why we’re now embarking on one of the biggest brand make-overs Australia has ever seen.
You can expect an updated menu, digital innovations and enticing customer experiences. We’re going places, and we’d love you to join us. There’s never been a better time to check out our franchises for sale in Melbourne.

Are you ready to help us satisfy Australia’s chicken cravings?

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    Why Melbourne loves Red Rooster so much

    In Melbourne, if you want Italian, you head to Lygon Street. Or, for Chinese, you head to Chinatown. But if you want Red Rooster, you can head… well, pretty much anywhere in the suburbs.

    Our food brings people together to enjoy classic Australian flavours cooked to perfection. We never compromise on taste, quality or value. That’s what’s secured our position as an Aussie family favourite.

    So when it’s time to serve up a Sunday roast or you need to feed a crowd in a hurry, Red Rooster has the goods.

    And no matter where you are in Melbourne, you’ll hear the Rooster’s call.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Why should I consider buying a franchise in Melbourne?

      Red Rooster has called Melbourne home for decades. We already have dozens of established franchises; but as the city grows, so do Red Rooster franchise opportunities.

      That means we’re in the fortunate position of not being able to keep up with demand.

      And now that we’ve completely refreshed our brand, it’s an exciting time to join our team. We’re pumped, primed and ready to take our iconic brand on the next stage of its journey.

    • What's the business competition like in Melbourne?

      Melburnians are discerning about their food. They know what they like and it’s ‘only the best’.

      The Melbourne market, in particular, is awash with international franchise brands. But we have the advantage of holding the not-so-populated Aussie space.

    • What ROI can I expect from a Melbourne franchise?

      We make it our business to never make promises to Franchise Partners. And legally, we can’t share specific figures with you until you officially apply to become a franchise partner. We’re bound by a code of conduct – like all Australian franchises – that prevents us from doing so.

      What we can tell you is to seek independent advice before embarking on your Red Rooster journey. If you’re thinking of buying an existing Red Rooster restaurant, we also recommend asking the current owner directly for their relevant financial information.

      Beyond that, we can also tell you that we work hard to support our Franchise Partners. We’ve learned a lot in over forty (plus) years in business, and we bring that knowledge and expertise to support the franchise partners in our network. Plus, you’ll also have the backing of our parent company, Craveable Brands, to guide you as a Franchise Partner.

    • How much does a Melbourne Red Rooster franchise cost?

      You can buy either a new or an existing franchise, and formats include food court, shop front or drive-thru. The costs will depend on these two factors.

      If you’re buying an existing restaurant, the current franchise partner will set the price with our approval. Or, for new franchises, the costs vary between $350,00 and $900,000 (plus GST), depending on the format. For both new and existing franchises, you’ll then need to pay additional fees for, training and admin on top of the purchase price.

      For a detailed breakdown of costs, read How much money do I need to buy a franchise?

    • Can I buy more than one Red Rooster restaurant in Melbourne?

      Yes, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We know from experience that the Franchise Partners who get the best results are those who actually work in their restaurants. Once you’ve learned the ropes in your business, and your franchise is humming along smoothly, we can chat about further Red Rooster opportunities.

    • Can I pick a location in Melbourne to develop a franchise?

      Yes, you sure can! It’s not a requirement, though.

      If you have a location in mind, our property team will help to assess its feasibility, and then negotiate the lease if it looks like a winner. That’s the benefit of our franchise model – at every step of the way, you have a team of experts by your side, ready to share their knowledge, skills and experience.

    • What is Red Rooster’s strategy for growth in Melbourne, and how will I be part of it?

      There’s never been a more exciting time to join Red Rooster. The transformation we’re undertaking is one of the most significant in our restaurant history.

      You’ll be with us as we take Red Rooster into the digital age to give our customers a solid online ordering and home delivery offering. Our new menu items are showstoppers, and we’re also expanding our catering and click-and-collect options.

      Our growth strategy is about making a bang. We’re taking our iconic brand to the next level, and you’ll get to be front and centre of the action.

    • Why does Red Rooster’s business model work so well in Melbourne?

      Because Melbourne loves good food. It’s as simple as that. In a city known for its food culture, we have a reputation for taste, quality and value. Combined with our values of pride, passion and care, that makes us an unbeatable team.

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