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Red Rooster in Sydney

Red Rooster’s iconic restaurant chain has long been a staple of suburban Sydney life as well as regional and rural NSW. It may not have started here, but Sydneysiders have made it their own. From the salty streets of Mona Vale to the bustling suburbs of Parramatta, Sydney loves its Red Roosters.

Red Rooster – the glory days

Like most Aussie business success stories, Red Rooster was born from humble beginnings.
Peter Kailis grew up working in his family’s fish and chip shop in Perth. That’s where he developed the serious work ethic and willingness to take chances that would one day lead to the Red Rooster brand.

In 1972, Peter – along with eight partners and an initial capital of $27,000 – opened the first Red Rooster. After a bumpy start (and cold feet from the other investors), Peter shouldered the entire load himself, becoming the sole owner of the first Red Rooster store. His one humble restaurant quickly became the first of four – the brand’s growth powered solely by word of mouth and a stellar reputation.

Why? Because everyone loves the perfect roast chicken.

It wasn’t long before Red Rooster expanded to Sydney, and the rest is history. And today, young entrepreneurs just like Peter can take their pick of Red Rooster restaurants for sale in Sydney to become part of the story.

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Sydney, the City of Play

If there’s one thing Sydneysiders know how to do, it’s have fun! From Western Sydney to the Eastern Suburbs, you know that when the sun’s out, Sydney comes alive.

And there’s something so iconic and retro about a Red Rooster trip. It was the cornerstone snack of a day out in the ’90s. Think barefoot bike rides with mates for some hot chips or a quick bite after an afternoon surfing sesh. And if you were really lucky, Mum would arrive home with a roast chicken family meal on Sunday night.

From Manly Waterworks to Australia’s Wonderland, a drive-thru Red Rooster was always the cherry on top of a great day.

Red Rooster has never forgotten its humble beginnings. Chicken-lovers today can relive those nostalgic experiences in 38 locations throughout the Greater Sydney suburbs – from Emu Plains to the SCG, Summer Hill to Windsor.

And because we want to continue to give Sydneysiders what they need, Red Rooster is now going through one of the biggest brand make-overs Australia has ever seen.

With an updated menu, digital innovations and some exciting new customer experiences, there’s never been a better time to check out our franchises for sale in Sydney.

So, can you hear the Rooster calling?


    Why Sydney loves Red Rooster so much

    Red Rooster is a food oasis in a desert of kale. After a big day, you sometimes just need a roast chicken and gravy roll without any frills, and Red Rooster is still – as always – here to serve.

    Our famous chicken salt is unparalleled. (But don’t ask us for the recipe. We’ll never tell!)

    Some things just go hand-in-hand: chips and gravy, bacon and cheese, and – of course – a long day out and a Red Rooster meal.

    No matter where you are in Sydney, there’s a Red Rooster franchise near you.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Why should I consider buying a franchise in Sydney?

      Three words: proven track record. Red Rooster has long been part of the Sydney suburban culture, and as Greater Sydney grows, so do the opportunities for Red Rooster franchisees.

      In fact, keeping up with demand has always been an issue. Areas that were once rural are now bustling cities of their own. This means the growth opportunities are endless.

      Combined with our upcoming brand revamp, this means that if you’re looking for a restaurant franchise for sale in Sydney, Red Rooster is an exciting option.

    • What's the business competition like in Sydney?

      It’s pretty promising. At the rate Sydney is growing, we want to get new restaurants open quickly too.

      In a franchise market that’s saturated with international options, Red Rooster brings an iconic Aussie taste to the table, offering hearty meals from a trusted source. Our new digital innovations make ordering a breeze too, serving modern convenience with a hint of Aussie nostalgia.

    • What ROI can I expect from a Sydney franchise?

      Unfortunately, although this is one of our most frequently asked questions, we can’t answer it until you officially apply to become a franchisee. Like all Australian franchises, we have to follow a code of conduct that prevents us from sharing specific figures.

      Additionally, we aren’t in the business of making promises. What we can tell you is that if you buy a Red Rooster franchise, you’ll have the backing of more than just the Red Rooster brand name and history of success. You’ll also have the support of Red Rooster’s parent company, Craveable Brands, and all the innovation, support and experience they bring to the table.

      Beyond that, we recommend seeking advice from an independent consultant before embarking on your Red Rooster journey. And, if you’re considering buying an existing store, ask the current owner to share all relevant financial information with you before the sale.

    • How much does a Sydney Red Rooster franchise cost?

      It costs between $350,00 and $900,000 if you want to start a new food court, shop front or drive-thru store from scratch. Or, if you’re more interested in buying an existing Red Rooster restaurant, the current franchisee will name the price. You’ll then need to pay some additional fees for franchising, training and admin on top of that.

      For a detailed breakdown of costs, read How much money do I need to buy a franchise?

    • Can I acquire more than one Sydney Red Rooster restaurant?

      Yes, so long as you’re prepared to buy them one at a time. We recommend that our Franchise Partners work in their restaurants, because it always just turns out better that way. So once you’ve learned the ropes, and your first Red Rooster franchise is up and running, go ahead and look into expanding. There’s always room for more stores!

    • Can I pick a location in Sydney to develop a franchise?

      You sure can! We have a team of property experts on hand to give you suggestions for sites, or help you to determine if the site you have your eyes on is likely to work out.

      Our team will even help you with rent negotiations and other business conversations. In short, you’ll benefit from the Craveable Brands wealth of knowledge well before you even open your restaurant.

    • What is Red Rooster’s strategy for growth in Sydney, and how will I be part of it?

      Red Rooster is currently in the process of one of the most significant transformations that an Aussie food franchise has ever seen.

      The future is digital, with online ordering, home delivery and customer loyalty programs all rolling out. We’re also expanding catering and click-and-collect options, not to mention adding a bunch of new menu items.

      So what’s the overarching strategy? A huge brand update that brings all the goodness of our iconic Red Rooster history into 2021 with a bang!

    • Why does Red Rooster’s business model work so well in Sydney?

      Sydney is a multicultural oasis. The range of food available is as diverse as it is plentiful. Because of this, Red Rooster gets to own the ‘Australian space’ when it comes to quick-service restaurants. And Sydneysiders love it as an option.

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