How to Buy a Red Rooster Franchise

The Future is Bright!

At Red Rooster, we’re undergoing a rapid period of growth and change. We’re drawing on more than four decades of history to write an exciting new chapter, and this is your chance to be part of it.

We’re looking for franchise partners who are bold and determined – people who are willing to embrace our iconic brand and drive it into the future. We want leaders, customer service champions and passionate foodies.

We’re already a winning team, and we’re only getting stronger.

The Rooster’s Calling – are you ready?

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How Exactly Do You Buy a Red Rooster Restaurant? Here’s the Process

Franchise life is full of excitement, hard work and adventure. But it’s not for everyone. Our process ensures that the significant investment you make to join our Red Rooster family is the right one for you – and for us.

  • (1) Do your research

    Buying a franchise requires a fairly major monetary investment. You’re taking on a business, becoming an ambassador for the Red Rooster brand and, in effect, building your future.

    That’s not something you should step into blindfolded.

    So before you make any decisions, spend time on research. Ask existing Red Rooster Franchise Partners about the reality of their lives. Research the brand and our values to ensure they align with yours. Think about your goals for the future and ask yourself if becoming a Red Rooster Franchise Partner moves you towards those goals.

  • (2) Get in touch

    You’re ready to know more? Simply fill out our online contact form.

  • (3) Complete the application form

    If you want to keep researching after receiving the detailed application form, take as long as you need. Dot every ‘i’ and cross every ‘t’ before you take the plunge and fill out the form. Your answers will help us to get to know you a little bit better.

    Once we’ve received it, we’ll reach out to get the ball rolling and invite you to an initial interview.

  • (4) Sign the confidentiality agreement

    You’re legally required to sign our confidentiality agreement (this applies for all franchises in Australia) before we can disclose any financial information about our restaurants’ performance and before we ask you for any of your financial information.

    This is an important step in the franchise-buying process however please note that this is not a commitment, is purely a legal requirement.

  • (5) Go through due diligence

    Remember when we said that you can’t go into the process blindfolded? Well, going in with both eyes open means doing your due diligence. This helps to prevent any hidden surprises – for you or us – popping up along the journey.

    We do our due diligence by conducting reference, asset checks of course meetings with you. In addition, we’ll arrange for you to spend a day in one of our Red Rooster restaurants to let you see first-hand how a franchise works. You’ll also need to do the sums for your financing, prepare a business plan and organise some cash flow projections.

    If you have any questions, we’re here to help.

  • (6) Meet the team

    At Red Rooster, we believe in working as a team. We have a shared vision for our business, and our values support us in achieving it.

    Getting on board with that vision is not negotiable, and the best people to share it with you are our State Manager and CEO. When you present your business plans to them, they’ll give you the Red Rooster big picture.

  • (7) Sign-off

    During your meeting, our State Manager and CEO will check that you have the qualities we look for in a franchise partner. They’ll assess you for strengths like great communication skills, business and financial acumen and the ability to lead and develop a team. If they think you have what it takes to join the Red Rooster team, the next step is to register for our Franchise Induction Program.

  • (8) Learn the ropes

    To set yourself up for success, you’ll then commence our comprehensive eleven-week training course. You’ll spend time doing practical in-store training, as well as time in the classroom, learning everything you’ll need about our systems and processes.

    This training is to ensure you have the knowledge and understanding of our systems and procedures to enable you to own and operate a Red Rooster restaurant to its best potential.

  • (9) Pick up the keys

    From Day 1 at Red Rooster, you’ll have the full support and backing of our Red Rooster and Craveable Brand’s team of experts. We’re all working towards a common goal, and we want to win – together.

    The day you pick up the keys to your restaurant is the start of something big. Your training has prepared you for whatever comes your way, but you’re never alone. Our team is here to guide and assist you along the way. And you have the skills to make your franchise something truly amazing.

    You’ve answered the Rooster’s call, and now the future is yours, with our support of course.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I want to buy a franchise. Where do I start?

    We’re delighted that you want to be part of our team. The first thing to do is fill out the simple enquiry form, it’s as simple as that!

  • Can I suggest a location for a Red Rooster franchise?

    Absolutely! We’re growing – fast – and we’re always on the lookout for new sites. If you suggest a location, we’ll do the legwork to check its feasibility and then manage the lease and construction negotiations on your behalf.

    Or, if you don’t have a specific location in mind, don’t worry. Our team is always scouting new sites and we can match you to one we’ve already locked in. In fact, that’s how it works with most new franchise partners.

  • How much does it cost to buy a Red Rooster franchise?

    Depending on the size and layout, a restaurant typically costs between $400,000 and $800,000 (plus GST) to establish for both new and existing sites.

  • What is the franchising fee? And is it one-off or annual?

    This fee covers your rights to use our intellectual property that includes branding, signage, store design, and cooking and operations manuals and is valid for the length of the contract which is 10 years).

    If you are buying a newly built store it will be included in the purchase price. But, if you are buying from a franchise partner, you will be buying what is remaining on the agreement and will need to renew at when the agreement comes to an end.

  • How is buying a franchise different to owning my own business?

    In many ways, it’s no different at all. When you buy a franchise, you own your business. You’re responsible for the day-to-day operations and for growing your bottom line.

    The difference with a franchise is that you don’t have to go it alone. You have the support of a team of experts, the buying power of a large national network and the strength of a much-loved brand behind you.
    As with any business though, you’ll need to work hard to get results. But we’ve done all the trial and error, and developed systems and processes to guide you along the way.

    Effectively, you’re stepping into an instant business that you can be very proud of.

  • How does a franchise work?

    The franchise model we use at Red Rooster is a Retailer-Retailer model. That means you can operate your own business under our Red Rooster brand, but you must follow all our guidelines, systems and processes.
    Along the way, you’ll have access to our Shared Services team, who’ll support you with all your marketing, operations, IT, HR, property and continued training opportunities. They’ll also use Red Rooster’s buying power to negotiate better supplier rates.

    When you buy a franchise, you’re walking into an established brand – so you can hit the ground running. You completely skip over the start-up phase of operating a new business.

    And if you follow our formula for success, you’ll reap the rewards.

13 store opportunities currently available

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