#WhatAnActivation: Red Rooster’s Chicken Waffle Cones epic launch!

Brand News: November 8, 2019

This week we launched our newest food innovation – Chicken Waffle Cones – via an ingenious activation and partnership with PedestrianTV

We reskinned a Surry Hills restaurant and created THE SCARLET HEN.  Complete with understated décor, bespoke signage, signature cocktail and talented head chef.  Then we threw a launch party for a select group of key food bloggers and VIPs- a cool affair complete with trendy DJ, a footy player and a Home & Away star and fancy canapes.  Little did they know that all the food had been prepared using Red Rooster ingredients.

This week we launched our newest #foodinnovation - Chicken Waffle Cones

The Chicken Waffle Cones in particular were a huge hit with guests.  Very instagrammable!

Guests were none the wiser until it was revealed (in spectacular fashion) that the Scarlet Hen was actually Red Rooster!

Bloggers were shocked and social media went into meltdown mode.

The following day The Scarlet Hen was open for business yet again – this time though Red Rooster had taken over.  We manned the kitchen again and gave away over 500 Chicken Waffle Cones to the public- some queued for an hour for their free taste of heaven in a cone. The giveaway garnered even more social attention with the cones proving to be a hit yet again- the Scarlet effect permeated into stores with above forecast sales right from the get go.

An amazing way to declare to the world that the new Red Rooster is coming- with innovative food, exciting activations and concepts and most importantly satisfying the cravings of Aussies everywhere!

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