Red Rooster QLD franchisee: this chicken champion secures front cover!

In The Media: September 1, 2018

It’s always a great day for us when one of our hardworking Red Rooster family members gets PR coverage. Even better when they are made a cover star!

Daniel’s story impressed the magazine’s editors who made him the star in their CHAMPIONS in the spotlight feature.





Daniel McDouall Red Rooster’s QLD franchisee

We are absolutely stoked to see Red Rooster’s QLD franchisee Daniel McDouall on the cover of the September/October issue of Inside Franchise Business Magazine!

The article and interview itself features some great insights into his business and ours: “signing up to the franchise was just one major life change at the time. As we purchased our store, we had our first child three weeks after.”

Daniel reveals: “my strategy from the word go was to go big. I’m confident and back my ability. One of the biggest challenges to grow is to have the right people. And appreciate you need to let go in certain parts of your business, to give control to someone often a lot younger and less experienced, and have faith they have the right temperament and attitude. It’s important for the boss to be in there and hands on, and it gives me a sense of the pulse of the business and what’s going on. I’m still a strong crew person. I’ve seen it when the boss doesn’t understand how a burger is made.”