Human Resources Consultant – Meet Heskey Rachmat

Our People News: November 3, 2018


If there’s a word that Heskey Rachmat likes to live by it’s ‘engagement’. The down-to-earth and always smiling 28 year-old says it defines what he does every day in his role as Craveable Brands* Human Resources Consultant.

Heskey Rachmat_HR Consultant Red Rooster

Heskey Rachmat – Craveable Brands Human Resources Consultant

Heskey oversees procedures, policies and protocols for Craveable’s (Red Rooster’s holding company) corporate team and says helping create a strong business morale is paramount for a company’s success.

“I’m always looking for ways where we can increase engagement for people within their work”, he says. “Whether it’s through setting up an employee benefits system, organising some different fun activities, or just developing better communication systems, it’s all very important.”

Keys to Red Rooster success

“Working in a fast-paced environment such as this can be stressful for people. They may have a lot of different tasks thrown at them at once, so it’s part of my job to help keep people’s passion and motivation for work alive. I feel that we have an amazing corporate culture at Red Rooster and that’s been one of the keys to our success.

Heskey believes that many people in the business really love their jobs. Within the Red Rooster team there are many professionals that have worked in the company for 15 or more years. “We want Red Rooster to continue to be a really enjoyable place to come to work every day”, admits.

Innovative plans within HR

Heskey says that next year the HR team will launch individual development plans which will drive people to develop their career progression further within Craveable while also aiding staff retention. Describing himself as friendly with a sense of fun, he is also currently working on implementing a new HR information system which will incorporate benefits rewards and a well-being program offering things like yoga, massages and other incentives making Craveable an even more amazing place to work!

For Heskey, understanding the behaviour of different people has always fascinated him. “My mum always taught me to be myself and to respect others and their opinions,” he says. “That’s really helped me in my career which is all about people. I always strive to understand each person and make a difference wherever I can.”


Originally from Indonesia, Heskey moved to Sydney when he was 14 to attend high school and lived with his older brother. A year later, when his brother returned to Indonesia, Heskey continued to live with family friends until the end of school. He says living in a foreign land without his parents around was challenging, but also taught him self-reliance.

After graduating from University with a Degree in Psychology, Heskey took on HR roles at AHS Hospitality and HelloFresh before joining Craveable in 2017. “I was really motivated to join the company because it was renowned for its great leadership, and I really wanted to grow and expand in my field,” he explains.

The keen sportsman who likes to dine out with his wife, says retaining a fun, friendly and family-orientated culture at Craveable amidst all the hard work, is something he is striving towards. “In the years to come I envisage us adding more brands to our stable in addition to the three we already have”, he says. “That means our teams will get larger, so we’ll have to work more towards retaining that engagement with them. I feel confident we’ll achieve that.”

With his focus always on making Craveable a better place to work it’s really not hard to see why everyone loves Heskey!

Would you like to be part of our family and enjoy the positive corporate culture that Heskey promotes?


* Craveable Brands owns and operates Red Rooster, Oporto and Chicken Treat.